Church of God pastor Arlen Berkey, in "The Work of God in the Laodicean Era," makes a verdict nonentity in God's Church would rebel with: "The livelong planetary will shortly cognize astir the two witnesses. They will not be make the acquaintance of by this worldwide."

We are not accountable for how the global reacts to these two men (it does NOT say ministers), however, we should cross-examine whether the two witnesses will be you're welcome by God's Church!

Does that stable preposterous? Presumptuous? Not if you're well-versed in set apart Scripture! It was recurrently the ceremonial who opposed the Prophets and it was the ceremonial body who touched up the general public to cry out against Jesus: "Crucify Him!" There is cipher new low the sun.

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The two witnesses will be dispatched by God in the psyche of Elijah. The primary interpreter concerning the two will downfall from the noble put up of David and fulfills the Elijah function and will tremble up the earth by his God-given MESSAGE and MIRACLES! (Zechariah 12:8).

Herbert W. Armstrong, in the real meaning of Elijah, arranged the relation for such as a serious Work, and fixed precious truths to God's CHURCH. Jesus Christ will give back God's rule to the total Earth (Acts 3:21). The time interval finds the senior officer of the two witnesses, in the quintessence of Elijah/HWA, restoring lawfulness to the NATION of Israel (Malachi 4:4). There is no oppositeness. This is based upon the Law and the Covenant and is testified to by the Prophets.

Some can first of all escape God's resolution of men to effectuate the controversial roles of the two witnesses (Jeremiah 15:10). Even Moses' met rejection by his own relatives God conveyed him to pick up (Acts 7:25, 35). Moses and Aaron met eldest beside the elders of Israel beforehand active up to that time pharaoh of egypt (Exodus 4:29). God's Church will cognize the identity of the two witnesses earlier the global sees them takings the trivet in Jerusalem.

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God's apostle, Herbert W. Armstrong, saw we must arrive at "the cities of Judah" and yet God didn't instrument him to do it. But God will spring Judah His Message, later but not least! God has been raising up causal agency for this very task (Isaiah 41:27).

Herbert Armstrong likewise began to see that God's Church has a blessed administrative body to help actually gear up for Christ's approaching to Jerusalem: The Great Mideast Commission: Reaching the Cities of Judah. Read and imagine it for yourself in Mr. Armstrong's and think why you haven't detected any of your ministers address almost it or manduction at the bit to get it through with.

Soon the will be on your feet and shimmer in this international of darkness, and finish the Work that God has specified us to do. Jesus Christ is returning in this generation! May we be saved worthwhile to get away from the nuclear blitzkrieg in the region of to strike, and to accept back Christ once He returns to accusation David's Throne in Jerusalem!

Here's whatever kosher hay for thought:

Will an quake transport h2o to the deserts? Preparing the way for the Church of God to go in "Her Place?" (Isaiah 43:20).

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