Unlike confederate California, it sometimes rains in London. Back in Queen Victoria's day, an service head came up next to a fresh answer to fight bad weather, and you can increasingly see whatever of them present.

The military service person in charge in enquiry was one Captain George Armstrong. In 1874, he had only retired from the armed service and was later skilled worker of the Globe public press - now long-lasting inoperative. As it was raining, he looked-for to rental a cab and, although at hand were plenitude of cabs, in smudge at the automobile rank, no drivers were marked.

After a few searching, he revealed the drivers all both in a close bar. Now at that time, the restraint war was exceptionally substantially to the forward and undue consumption of beverage was frowned upon. Victorian black cab drivers were not respectable for human being drunk, so it was perhaps a approval the taxis of that era were horse drawn!

Let me say authorization away, the redbrick minicab manipulator has no specified frailty on duty, due to the completely hard-and-fast drinking and impulsive religious writing in force, which would development in instantaneous loss of the driver's licence.

In the Victorian era, the attribute of public employ by closet individuals was impressively considerably alive, so Captain Armstrong took it upon himself to install finer measures for the drivers. He idea it would be far bigger for the minicab drivers if they had their own faithful shelters, close up by the minicab ranks, next to tables and chairs and a stunted kitchen. This would let them to keep out of inclement weather, get a hot banquet and - much importantly spurn the temptations of the devil helping.

Thus was created the Cabman's Shelter Fund, which is stationary current nowadays. Between 1875 and 1914, a absolute of 61 shelters were built, at assorted points say London. 13 of those shelters motionless go nowadays and are in even use by black cab drivers.

Built of copse and delineate a misty green, they gawk aware of the form of potting cabin you power find on a splendid English land material possession. 13 of these structures survive, generally in the Kensington and Belgravia areas, which - having ever been more than a few of the supreme good for you areas of westbound London - has e'er been a capably taxied swathe.

If you call on that remaining extravagant Victorian building, the Royal Albert Hall, named after Queen Victoria's loved husband, you will see one of the shelters in near Thurloe Place.

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