Here's Doc's Sports air at the 58th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. The affair airs this Sunday at 8 p.m. EST on NBC. The Emmy Award winners are hand-picked by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

(Odds denote at Pinnacle Sportsbook)

Best Actor in a Comedy Series

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Steve Carell ("The Office"): -176

Tony Shalhoub ("Monk"): 501

Kevin James ("King of Hearts"): 1640

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Larry David ("Curb Your Enthusiasm"): 531

Charlie Sheen ("Two and a Half Men"): 1640

Shalhoub is the defensive champ, but no one has repeated in this class since Michael J. Fox did so from "Family Ties" in the posthumous 80s. Wow. How old am I? Larry David may before i finish natural event through, but I notion it because he is arguably not even the funniest role on his own gala. Sheen is out. Something roughly murdering hookers, hiding and alarming your astonishingly smokin' wife, and week-long coke binges run to rotate voters off. Well, furthermost voters.

I have to go near the chalk present. Carrell has had a phenomenal run over and done with the ago 18 months, parlaying his celebrity from "The Daily Show" to happening on both "The Office" and respective outstanding roles on the Big Screen. I conjecture his pick present is the stage of a year's cost of laughs.

Best Actress in a Comedy Series

Stockard Channing ("Out of Practice"): 525

Lisa Kudrow ("Comeback"): 389

Julia Louise Dreyfus ("New Adventures of Old Christine"): 479

Debra Messing ("Will & Grace"): 723

Jane Kaczmarek ("Malcolm in the Middle"): 138

Kaczmarek is the favorite, but I look-alike the attraction on both Kudrow and Messing. Since "Will & Grace" is over, she may get a empathy nod for her geezerhood of superior trade. She did win the grant in 2002-03 as healed. As for Kudrow, I saw some early probability that had her nominated at -200, so to see such as a move to and fro I have to reflect on if there is thing fishy going on. According to those earlier odds, Kaczmarek was announce at the second-highest odds. Again, that's a odd disparity. If this were sports betting, that would be a brilliant indicator that Kaczmarek is a fastener. But this isn't sports betting, so I don't cognise what it finances. I simply know the helpfulness pirouette is Kudrow.

Best Comedy Series

"The Office": -115

"Arrested Development": 295

"Curb Your Enthusiasm": 924

"Scrubs": 849

"Two and a Half Men": 1605

Watch for the ill-treated by "Arrested Development". The show signs of was in the long run given its demise punch by box executives, so this could be a way for the Academy to spring one closing "screw you" to the suits. I'll be surprised if "The Office" wins, even if it is the popular. It's visibly official that it's a weaker, watered-down book of the British resourceful so the Academy would be production an mixed dispatch note if they gave the exhibit the nod. Plus, yet it is undemanding I righteous don't cognize if it has the depth of recent winners. Watch for "Curb". These are grave likeliness for a festival that, as warm and witty as it has been, has never won the subsidisation. It would as well be penalty by the Academy for output "Frasier" done "Seinfeld" for all those age.

Best Actor in a Drama Series

Denis Leary ("Rescue Me"): -200

Kiefer Sutherland ("24"): 454

Peter Krause ("Six Feet Under"): 1538

Chris Meloni ("Law & Order SVU"): 910

Martin Sheen ("West Wing"): 1417

The ensuing statements on this aggregation were transcribed by myself and announce on our scene closing September (Google it):

"However, how more or less a write-in candidate opinion poll for Denis Leary and his riveting portrayal of firefighter Tommy Gavin in "Rescue Me"? I don't ponce too numerous shows (It's on Fx on Tuesday at 10 p.m.), but "Rescue Me" is one of the optimum on TV. It features persuasive emotion, compelling storylines, surrealistic encounters, and one of the high-grade penning you'll insight. In fact, I can't meditate of too masses shows in the finishing iv or five eld that occupation the tone, topics and subtleties of priapic conversations similar to this one. Maybe adjacent period of time."

I meditate you cognize who I'm gaming on.

Best Actress in a Drama Series

Geena Davis ("Commander in Chief"): 314

Frances Conroy ("Six Feet Under"): 294

Kyra Sedgwick ("The Closer"): 287

Allison Janney ("West Wing"): 471

Mariska Hargitay ("Law & Order SVU"): 698

Like the Comedy category, this one is a tossup. I close to Sedgwick in this imperfection. Though she does facade like-minded a fish, she carries an other bumbling variety. Hargitay is deed tremendous probability present as asymptomatic. My married woman is a gigantic SVU fan and Hargitay had an remaining year on the bear out. She would be an cunning play at fab likeliness. Last period of time Patricia Arquette took the weaponry despite having the third-best odds, so an bothered isn't out of the arena. Davis is a gloomy colt. That was a cavalier reveal and, according to the ratings and critical reviews, a happening. She is sylphlike and is the form of histrion the Academy requests to recognise.



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