The Omega Zone Diet and specialists' opinion

"Omega RX Zone - The Miracle of High-dose Fish Oil" is reasoned the finest present that Dr. Barry Sears has yet ready-made to a healthy diet. The benefits of fish oil are infamous. Species such as as mackerel, lagoon trout, herring, sardines, albacore prickly pear cactus and salmonid are privileged in two kinds of Omega 3 adipose acids: eicosapentaenoic vitriolic (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acerbic (DHA). These superfatted acids have had tried profitable effects in complaints such as as arrhythmia, postgraduate lipide levels, coronary-artery disease maculation and overflowing humor constraint.

The recommendations of the American Heart Association draw together Dr. Sears' up to a point

* Both the AHA and Dr. Sears value the benefits of Omega 3 suety acids.

* Both parties communicate us that fish is in our day impure near various toxins approaching mercury, DDT or some other damaging substances. See the AHA extraordinary report

* People next to a soaring jeopardy of bodily structure heart disease or of high-level trigliceride cannot secure adequate Omega 3 oleaginous acids from food aquatic vertebrate. They may consequently want to appendage their diet with health care provider aquatic vertebrate oil.

Nevertheless, opinions vary on quite a few points.

* High doses of aquatic vertebrate oil are neat for health, but the doses Dr. Sears recommends are by a long chalk complex than those which AHA considers to be safe.

* Dr. Sears warns us to pay concentration to what we buy. This is medicine fish oil preliminarily tried by International Fish Oil Standards programme (IFOS). The AHA's lab studies certificated that all brands of medical specialty fish oil, even the cheapest, were purge from toxins, at the instant of conducting tests. But a number of of them did not run into the doses publicized on the label.

* Dr. Sears prescribes fish oil capsules for well relatives. The AHA does not.

* Dr. Sears claims that his aquatic vertebrate oil supplements, Omega RX ZoneTM, will ban and assistance medicinal drug suspicion and brains diseases. THey will besides keep rosy kidneys, condition system, collective movement, allege cholesterol undisruptive levels, stamina, strength, temper and broad prosperity. The American Food and Drug Administration did not value any of these statements.

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