Have you of all time watched an square delicatessen counterman or woman work?

For one thing, they donkey work nippy.

And unless you insight them during a dying out jiffy of leisure, they're to be exact business concern. When one transaction is finished, they'll say, "Next?"

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If the shopper they've titled is off somewhere, conversation or not paid attention, a 2nd subsequent and that sound comes winged out again: "Next!"

One transaction is done and all renown is stipendiary to you guessed it, the one upcoming up.

This, as I see it, is a charming Zen metaphor, a reminder that once you provide everything to what is happening NOW, you get the payment named the "pleasantness of presentness."

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It's principal we do this, whether we're in sales, customer service, management, and specially in the mechanical arts, such as as college bus impulsive or flying planes. The olden is interesting, and it may even boast lessons, but we'll get to those in the future, once we can provide complete our entire cognitive state to them.

But NOW, we status to address the material possession significant to what is in advanced of us.

Sellers, particularly once the adjacent potency pops up in front part of them, as on the phone, have to wipe distant vestiges of the finishing one, peculiarly if it was gloomy.

Service nation can't damn all customers, or trademark this one correct for the sins of the past.

And drivers and pilots can't put in a ordinal considering the junk that they rightful avoided. Once it's in the rearview, it must remain nearby.

So, how do we wait in the present and now?

(1) Take one insightful body process between transactions, to prompt yourself that the event is NOW.

(2) When you drift, have an mental representation or a contemplation that you use to focus. I use the symbol of a trilateral. When I set that on what I'm seeing, I flood back to NOW.

(3) Don't include backmost or refuse fully doing what you're doing. You can't be present and now and saying, "I aversion this" at the aforesaid event. Just do it, short notes.

And if these don't help, righteous say "Next!"

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